2019 Reading Stats

New laptop skin!

This past year I have been ridiculously obsessive about keeping records of my reading, so here are the stats:

I read a total of 104 books, 86 of which were from my physical collection of books not yet read. Unfortunately, during the year I added 131 books to my shelves (eek!), so I am starting 2020 with a physical TBR of 221, and a resolution to avoid charity shops as much as possible this year (no hope of avoiding them altogether – they are such goldmines!)

Of those 104 books read, 29% were by Australian authors (40% of whom were women), 43% by women authors, 13% by persons of colour.

10% were classics, 8 were books in translation, and there were 10 books of more than 500 pages (2 were more than 600 pages). 21% were non-fiction, of which most were memoir or biography.

I am anticipating that this year will be fairly similar, (apart from the book buying problem), though I have some time-consuming activities happening this year (first grandbaby due in May).

I have signed up for several Goodreads challenges yet again – this does help me to tackle books I do want to read but would otherwise deprioritize. I am already known as the complete book nerd, so I might as well go the whole hog.

Happy reading in 2020 everyone!

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